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Phoenix, AZ – Tip from a Local Nutrition / Supplement Store: The Functional Cold Brew Coffee

Fit Brewing Co: Setting the bar on cold brew coffee

Fit Brewing company has a great line of “Fit Brū” a premium, functional, cold brewed, coffees and teas that are shelf-stable so you can enjoy them anytime. The Product line consists of 3 coffees, one black, 2 flavored and one lightly carbonated hibiscus tea. The company recently relocated its facilities Arizona and can be found at both Discount Nutrition Superstores.

Fitbru isn’t brewed like the rest. It uses a single origin Mexican blend that they roast to a specific temp that is usually not common for cold brews. This roast variation and release of alpha-acids and oils helps achieve a cold brew that is easier on the stomach so no ones running to the bathroom and has a full body flavor.

The next step in the process is a specific grind ratio of coarse to fine. This type of grind allows Fit brewing to achieve a high level of dissolvability and caffeine which further builds the taste notes and smooth energy. After grinding the beans oxygenate for 24 hours. Now that the grounds have been aerated, the grounds are in submersed in filtered water. It then steeps for 18 hours to achieve smooth cold brew with a very high level of caffeine.

From there it is double filtered which allows to remove more undissolved solids. These solids directly affect the flavor and level of bitterness and by removing them makes the brew smooth. This long and delicate process is what makes Fit Brū “The Functional Fix.”

The first product of the line is the classic Black Coffee. The Black Coffee contains Raw Activated Charcoal from coconut. Raw Activated Charcoal has been used for centuries to support natural detoxification.

The next products are the flavored coffees. Cafe Mocha and Vanilla Latte contain a premium formulated non-dairy coconut creamer high in MCTs. The functional ingredients formula consists of KSM-66 Ashwagandha, Chocamine, PrimaVie,and TeaCrine. The blend is composed to provide energy, focus, and stress support for our everyday battles.

The last and only tea in the line is the carbonated, sweet, Maté Hibiscus Tea which contains an organic Adaptogenic Mushroom blend called PeakO2. Fit Brewing created this beverage to help you push through any activity morning, day, or night. Stop in and try some today!

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